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How to Get Back on Track: 5 Day Challenge for Moms

“If mama ain’t happy, then nobody happy!”. That saying is meant to be funny but there’s a lot of truth to it and was probably coined by a family of a very cranky mama. Us as women, wives, and mothers play a huge influence on the atmospheres of our homes. Not saying that we need to be fake, but we do need to put self-care as a priority. Even if we are in a difficult time or not, we continually are seeking how to get back on track.

But as moms, we usually can’t just jet off to some weekend at the spa to reset. We need something simple, effective, and plain practical to do.

I have created a 5 Day Get Back On Track Mama Challenge for just this reason. It’s completely free and super easy to implement.

When you sign up, I will be emailing you once a day with a new challenge for you to try that day.

We will go over realistic and manageable ways to:

  • Give you some much needed “me” time
  • Make household chores easy to conquer
  • Get out of the door without being a complete wreck
  • Turn your everyday life into a smoother, more predictable rhythm
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I have made these very same changes to my own life and have seen a huge difference in my home, family, and mental health.

My husband also regularly comments about how he as well appreciates having a home that’s not perfect but one where he can come to and relax.

Please let me know how the 5 Day Get Back On Track Mama Challenge goes for you and other ways you use for how to get back on track.

See you soon!


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