I’m Back! Where Have I Been…

It has been way too long since I have posted on my blog. Not that I wanted it to be that way.

But life happens.

Since my last post I became pregnant and had our third child, a beautiful baby girl who is now 3 months old.

I have attempted to be a part time work from home mom with a “regular job” but had to quit that within a few short months.

Officially became an autism/special needs mom.

And every once in a while I took a nap too.

This may be the most cut and dry post I have written thus far, but the goal of this is not to be the most informative article but rather just being truly off the cuff. Because that is where I am at and need to be at this point.

Can you relate too? So many times have you thought about doing something that you enjoy only to get that thought interrupted by whatever is happening in the moment? Maybe you’ve ran into somebody at the store and they ask what’s new and you don’t even know where to start?

This is my “ran into you at the store” moment, where I give the quick facts jack so we can make a plan to meet up for coffee later. Life seems to go that way for all of us, the tornado of different seasons can take hold of us and spin us around so dizzy that we don’t where the ground or the sky is above or below anymore.

It’s been too long since I have chatted with you and I missed it-a lot. I don’t know in this current part of my life how often I get to “go have coffee” with you but I do know we will have a lot to talk about.

I am excited to share any struggles or victories that have come up with my new and ever-changing job description as a wife and mother with the hopes that it may help you too.

Thanks for saying hi to me, it’s good to see you again. Let’s meet up for coffee later.



Labor and Delivery/Postpartum · Pregnancy/Nesting

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

Who knew that a woman’s body can be both growing a baby and feeding another one at the same time? That is amazing!!!! I was just under 7 months postpartum with my first baby when I became pregnant with my second. Yes, by that point your baby should be introduced to solids, but they are still very much dependent on milk. And if you are exclusively breastfeeding, that means you will experience breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Reminder: the purpose of this post is to share my personal experience only and is not in any way medical advice. Consult with your healthcare provider for any medical questions or concerns you may have.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Does breastfeeding during pregnancy affect the baby?

According to La Leche League’s website, it is considered safe both to your unborn baby and older baby to breastfeed during pregnancy.

When I was doing “double duty”, I still made a point to let both my OBGYN and our pediatrician know. That way, each doctor is notified and then can share any specific information that they may have.

You will most likely be able to continue on with your regular dosage of prenatal vitamins versus “doubling up”. But it never hurts to ask your OBGYN if they recommend any additional supplements during this time.

This is the prenatal I am currently taking. I have experimented with several brands, and this is the only one so far that DOESN’T make me want to throw up when taking it (hello, first trimester!) or has a weird aftertaste.

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When should you stop breastfeeding during pregnancy?

As long as both babies and your health are all good, there is no need to stop at any point during pregnancy.

Some mothers even breastfeed both children when the youngest is born which is called “tandem nursing”.

You may experience a dip in your milk supply once you become pregnant, which may or may not bother your older child.

Typically, around the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy your breast milk will start tasting different. It will probably be less sweet as your body is getting ready to produce colostrum again.

For some children, this change in taste will turn them off to nursing and wean themselves off. But others will keep on trucking! For my oldest, he was very close to being weaned by my 5th month, so it is hard to know personally if it was the taste change or he was just ready to be done.

Taking care of your health is now more important than ever

This is something I wish I grasped when I was breastfeeding during pregnancy. When you eat, take vitamins, exercise, and sleep, you are doing this for THREE people: your nursing baby, baby on the way, and you!

That is a lot for your body to do!

This is totally doable, but that means you have to put your health at the highest priority. Focus on foods that are high in protein, healthy fats, and fiber to give everyone the best nutrition possible.

I was SO hungry that I felt like I ate like a football player. But I wish I worked harder at finding the healthiest options so then I had more energy and felt better.

Please, take naps when you can. In the moment you probably don’t realize how hard your body is working but you need so much rest!

Hang on to that freezer stash!

As you get closer to giving birth, make sure to go through your freezer stash of frozen breast milk.

Frozen breast milk can last in your freezer up to 6 months. So go through your stash and toss/donate what is about to go bad but keep any that will still be good for when your next baby is born. You’re already a step ahead of the game!

Having a hard time tossing milk? I get it-that’s liquid gold baby! Even if your older child is weaned, you can still incorporate milk into their food such as oatmeal.

I did that a lot, and your child probably won’t even bat an eyelash. Phew!

Check if you are eligible for a new breast pump

Through most insurance plans, you should be eligible for a new breast pump every year. When I gave birth in 2019, I was again able to get a new pump for my 2020 baby.

Why would you want a new breast pump?

There’s a good chance that you put some miles on your old breast pump and could stand some new valves and other parts too. If your older pump is still in good condition, then you can have TWO pumps for your next baby. One to keep at home, one to keep at work or in your car!

Plus, you may want to try a different style or brand of pump-now’s your chance to try it out. I recommend working with Aeroflow to figure out insurance. It’s free and they make it so so so easy.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy almost seems impossible, but you can do it! God designed women’s bodies to do amazing things! Along the way if you decide to wean your oldest, that is completely okay too. Be proud of the work that you have done and continue to do for your children, no matter where you end your breastfeeding journey.

Comment below what your thoughts are about this topic, I would love to hear from you!

Take care,


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Preschool Prep: Fun Ways To Get 2-Year-Olds Ready

Generally speaking, two-year-olds are at a tough stage when it comes to learning. In a lot of ways, they aren’t ready for tons of structure, but they also are craving a little bit more of a challenge too. This is a great opportunity to start introducing the concept of school at home by doing preschool prep.

Preschool is definitely a personal choice for parents: when to send their child, or maybe not at all. Children are not required to attend school at this young age, and I also think it depends on the readiness of your child as well.

Do not feel like you are not a “good” parent if you are not doing preschool prep with your 2-year-old. Playing is learning. Think of preschool prep as the cherry on top.

Below I will share what I am currently doing for preschool prep with my children, but specifically my oldest. You know your child’s strength and weaknesses best, so modify it based off what’s best for your family.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

How Often To Do Preschool Prep

The frequency and duration of learning time for your toddler I think should really depend on their willingness to participate.

Learning at this age should be kept more free and low pressure. We want our children to be excited to learn and practice skills! Not for them to be forced to do it and then make it feel like a punishment.

Experiment with when is the best time of day for learning. Children usually do best in the morning, but I know that it’s also a busy time of day.

For us it works best to do preschool prep after quiet time but while my daughter is still napping. Then I give my child an option, to play with toys or to do “school”.

Some days he chooses toys, some days he chooses learning. No matter what is decided, there is no pressure given. When we do preschool prep, we continue to practice until he’s done.

There’s no set time that it is done. I am not concerned about doing how many hours a week because this is meant for introductory purposes and to have fun!

Basic Writing Skills

There is a lot of skills to master to get to even start writing. Holding the pencil in your hand correctly, the hand has to do what the brain tells it to draw, eye coordination, it’s not easy!

For some children, holding a crayon or a pencil comes more naturally than others. So fine tuning drawing can help setup for an easier transition to writing.

This was the first one I bought and have bought a few more since then. It starts off with practicing drawing lines, waves, and circles and then to letters and numbers. The pages are really fun to do and it’s erasable so you can use it again and again.

Additional Fine Motor Skills

School involves a lot of activities that requires fine motor skills. Which is hard to master, especially as a young toddler. This is why I mostly have a large emphasis on fine motor skills.

I love these scissors for little ones because they are plastic. Most safety scissors have metal blades, which makes me nervous.

They have different patterns too when cutting so that adds a lot of fun. I feel so much more comfortable supervising my kids with these and not hyperventilating.

I also use a scissors skill workbook when working on cutting. Each page has a fun activity to use, ranging from beginner to more advanced.

Large Motor Skills

My oldest child is definitely very developed in this area, but it is still good to do different activities. But again, not every child develops at the same rate or has the same skill level as others.

Looks a lot like playing right? But think of all the muscles that are needed to bounce on that ball-calves, quads, and core just to start with.

One item that is still on my list to get is a jump rope. Again this is not an earth-shattering idea here but think of all the skills your toddler gets to practice:

  • Jumping
  • Leaping
  • Eye coordination

Even being able to shake the rope on the ground like a snake would be a fun way for children to work on large muscles AND burn energy.

What more can you ask for in life? πŸ™‚

Group Learning Settings

Preschool classrooms are an environment of multiple children, a teacher or two, and doing routines such as snack and learning time in an orderly fashion.

Duh, right?

But not so obvious to a very young toddler. Concepts such as waiting in line, or group activities might be new and challenging.

Exposing your child to various large group settings before attending preschool will help them practice needed social and listening skills.

Finding these activities can range from free to however much you want to invest in:

  • Sunday school
  • Storytime at the library
  • Swimming class
  • Mommy and me classes
  • Playdates
  • Music classes

Potty Training…..

Not all preschools require your child to be potty trained, depending on their age. When considering different schools to enroll in, I would encourage you to find out their protocol for that.

Potty training really is an individual experience, so you have to figure out timing and method that works best for you and your toddler.

Our children are super into Paw Patrol right now, so anything that has those characters on it are very motivating.

We have all of these items, minus the finger puppets. When starting, our child had zero interest to now going 1 AND 2 on the potty!

This book is a lot of fun to read as well and is in our regular reading time. It makes a lot of similar noises from the show, so it keeps toddlers engaged.

These are my current favorite ways to do preschool prep with my toddlers. What about you? If your children either did or currently is in preschool, do you find this accurate? What are things you wish you prepared for if anything?

Thank you so much for being here!


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Ear Tube and Adenoid Surgery for Toddlers

Little ones are so uncomfortable when they get an ear infection. But it’s especially tough when it seems that they just keep happening one after the other. Maybe you have a referral for your child to see a specialist or wanting to discuss this with the pediatrician. It is important for parents to know what to expect with ear tube and adenoid surgery for toddlers.

A few months ago, both my 2-year-old and 1 year old had their surgeries the same day. So hopefully our experience (which went super smooth overall) will help you get your family ready, from one momma to another!

Reminder: this post is in no way to provide medical information or advice to you as I am only sharing from my experience. Please contact your medical provider for any concerns that you have.

Process of deciding surgery is needed

I do not know if there is a certain “magic number” of ear infections before further action is taken. Your doctor may look at the frequency over time or how long of a time gap there is between infections overall.

Every couple of months it seemed that one or both of my children had an ear infection. The pediatrician referred them to be taken to an E.N.T. (Ear/Nose/Throat) doctor to have that specialist do an evaluation.

This E.N.T. had both of the children’s hearing checked by an audiologist before we met with him. If all E.N.T.’s do that, I am not sure, but this was his procedure. One child at a time sat in basically a sound booth (I also was present), and the audiologist tested their hearing.

This may sound scary or intimidating, but they make it a game for them and even my more sensitive child was comfortable by the end.

After the evaluation was completed, then we met with the E.N.T. He checked over the ears, nose, and you got it-throat. One of my children started snoring at night recently so I mentioned that to the doctor, and he determined that the adenoids should be removed as well.

How long does surgery take?

Ear tubes from start to finish takes approximately 15 minutes, it’s that quick! If your child is older or you’re an adult that is having it done, you would most likely not even need to be put “under”.

But with little ones, they need to be “asleep” even for a quick procedure so the doctor can perform the operation.

One of my children needed both adenoids and tubes. From wheeling him away to surgery to bringing him back it took approximately an hour.

What happens after surgery?

Parents: what you should be emotionally prepared for is how your child may or may not feel like after waking up from the anesthesia.

Your child may just act super groggy or super scared and upset like mine. That’s okay! As long as you know that they are going to have a strong reaction, then it will be a little easier to help soothe your child.

Don’t get me wrong, it will still be tough to see for sure. But going in expecting this will help prevent a bigger emotional reaction from you so you can better assist your baby.

Our doctor allowed us to bring the children’s favorite blankets, stuffed animal, and pacifiers which was great. If your doctor doesn’t mention it in any pre-operation appointments, definitely ask if that’s an option for you too.

What to feed your toddler after the procedure

Before you even leave the building, your child will need to eat or drink something. Nurses will provide a variety of options that are soft to eat and easy on the stomach.

Your child will have to do some fasting before the procedure so they will have a very empty stomach and are susceptible to queasiness.

Even though they are hungry, you may struggle with getting them to eat again. For my daughter, who was still using a pacifier, I had to dip her pacifier in pudding and put it in her mouth to get her to eat.

When you get home, especially that first day, you want to stick to this similar diet. For adenoid surgery, your child may be on a bit longer restriction of soft foods, but your provider will give you specific instructions on that.

Here’s some examples of foods to have handy:

  • Popsicles/Ice cream
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soup
  • Yogurt
  • Hummus
  • Pedialyte

Tip: I would go ahead and purchase these items, plus make sure you have Children’s Tylenol on hand, the day before surgery. You and your child will both have a long enough day, take the stress out of running to the grocery store after the fact too!

What is the recovery time needed?

For the most part, your child will be wanting to play by the end of the day of surgery. They will be more tired and not so hungry. Most doctors are fine with your child returning to school or childcare the following day.

If you have the option, I recommend keeping them home two days at least, just to give them extra rest. But if you can’t, they will be fine!

Especially with adenoid removal, the doctor instructed us to keep our very active 2-year-old, a little less active for a few days. We definitely watched more tv than we normally do, but it helped keep him still.

From then on, we continue to have post-operation appointments, gradually spaced out (1 month, 6 months, etc.).

You can still give your child baths like you normally do and they can go swimming too. But if you plan to take your child out on the lake or the ocean, I would call the doctor’s office to make sure that is okay to do.

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Though ear tube and adenoid surgery is fairly common, it is still something that requires a lot from us as parents. On the other side of things, I can say that it has been really nice to not be super nervous that a simple cold will give my child ANOTHER ear infection!

Please share below if your child has had this procedure done and what your experiences were.

See you soon!


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Labor and Delivery/Postpartum

Back to Breastfeeding After Exclusively Pumping

When I was getting ready to have my first baby, I was much more clueless about preparing for breastfeeding than I thought I was. Through various issues, I was unsuccessful at getting my breast pump ahead of time (for my second child, I used AeroFlow, so easy!). When we brought our baby home, I was engorged and recovering from a c-section, and he was hungry and had jaundice. Needless to say that was a very stressful first night or two. A family member loaned me their old breast pump until I got my own. I know that’s not best sanitation practices but I needed to feed my baby. This is my long back story as to how I got onto exclusively pumping. Now I would like to share with you on how I went from exclusively pumping back to breastfeeding.

I will say there are so many factors that leads someone to exclusively pumping and so many factors for breastfeeding to work. There is no one size fits all approach. There are women in my life that exclusively pump and it works great for them and some (like me) that really struggled with it.

Just know that whatever breastfeeding issues you may have, there are many options to explore to find the best fit for you and your baby.

Please note: this post is to share my personal experience with exclusively pumping and breastfeeding with you. This is not to serve as medical advice. For medical advice or other professional information, contact your healthcare provider.

How to switch from exclusively pumping back to breastfeeding

The very first step I highly recommend is to work with a lactation consultant!!! Seriously! The lactation consultants that helped me even helped mothers breastfeed their adopted babies, they are amazing!

If you don’t click with one consultant, try another one.

A good lactation consultant will help support you for however long you decide to breastfeed without judgment.

I called lactation and told them my concerns and struggles about exclusively pumping. We then setup a time to bring my baby in and I tried again breastfeeding and they helped trouble shoot latch, position, etc.

Here are the main things to consider when going back to breastfeeding after exclusively pumping:

Be super patient with both you and baby during this process.

There were plenty of times where my baby had zero interest in breastfeeding and just wanted the bottle, and it broke my heart. Even though it’s not true, I felt like a failure.

Keep in mind that for how many weeks or months, your baby has grown accustomed to getting milk out of the bottle. Just like adults, babies are creatures of habit too.

There is still suckling involved with a bottle, but they will have to work harder to extract milk from your breast. Naturally, we all would like less work when it comes to our food.

This helps explain the resistance a little bit, any transition takes time.

Experiment with the timing of breastfeeding attempts too

For some babies, it works to put them to breast when they are hungry and maybe willing to breastfeed so they can get fed.

Other babies, like mine, get way too frustrated if they are hungry. In that case, it may be less stressful to try it in between feedings.

This all depends on the personality type of both you and baby. My baby was very strong willed and let me know that he was not happy! That caused me to get too stressed out. And if you are stressed out, your baby can sense that and may not to try breastfeeding at all.

Definitely keep the pressure off for both of you.

Do TONS of skin to skin with your baby

The smell of your skin and the smell of your breastmilk will be very familiar and comforting for your baby.

Let your baby lay on your bare chest and the two of you bond. It might seem weird, but you can express a little milk and put it on your baby’s lip using your nipple.

This can help remind your baby that they can find milk from your breast and not just the bottle.

Try using a nipple shield

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Nipple shields are really helpful if you have injured nipples, but they also really helped me in my transition back to breastfeeding after exclusively pumping.

The shield is rubbery, so it gives the feeling of a bottle nipple, but gets your baby close to your breast as well.

Once my baby and I got super comfortable using the nipple shield, I would try without, and it would work!

A tip just from my own personal experience: after my milk would let down, I would let milk “pool” into the nipple shield. Then my baby would get more instant satisfaction like a bottle and was much more willing to do more suckling.

They do come in various sizes, so make sure you get one that fits you comfortably!

How long does it take to wean off of exclusively pumping?

This typically varies depending on how long you have been breastfeeding your child. Our bodies are very quick to adapt based off of demand.

Personally, I would switch out a pump session and replace it with a nursing session. If at the next session, my baby wanted the bottle that time I still pumped but would pump two or three minutes less.

For myself, I saw that my body adapted to these changes in about a week. But you may have a different experience.

Once you are fully transitioned back to breastfeeding after exclusively pumping, you may find that you aren’t producing as much milk when you pump as you did previously.

Typically, pumping causes your body to produce higher volume but “watery” milk. Instead, you may see less but your milk will have higher fat content and is more dense.

If you are ever concerned about your milk supply, contact your lactation consultant and/or pediatrician.

Is exclusively pumping easier than breastfeeding?

The answer depends on who you ask! Like I said before, I know mothers that prefer to exclusively pump, and it works really well for them. There are also mothers who do it but find it really difficult.

Something to consider as well is your current family situation too. Do you work outside the home or stay at home? Does another caregiver want to regularly feed the baby as a way to connect too?

As a stay-at-home mom, I found that I was doing double the work of pumping, feeding, and sterilizing bottles around the clock. Thankfully I was able to transition back to breastfeeding and it greatly reduced my stress.

If you’re interested in trying to go back to breastfeeding after exclusively pumping, give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

No matter how you feed your baby by breastmilk, formula, or a combination, it should be what’s best for you and baby!

Even as exclusively pumping, I still got to sit and bottle feed my baby and sing, talk, and stare at my beautiful baby.

Having that special time together is what is most important. πŸ™‚

Please share your feeding experience below. Did you pump, formula, nursed, all the above? Thanks for stopping by!


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Self Care

How to Get Back on Track: 5 Day Challenge for Moms

“If mama ain’t happy, then nobody happy!”. That saying is meant to be funny but there’s a lot of truth to it and was probably coined by a family of a very cranky mama. Us as women, wives, and mothers play a huge influence on the atmospheres of our homes. Not saying that we need to be fake, but we do need to put self-care as a priority. Even if we are in a difficult time or not, we continually are seeking how to get back on track.

But as moms, we usually can’t just jet off to some weekend at the spa to reset. We need something simple, effective, and plain practical to do.

I have created a 5 Day Get Back On Track Mama Challenge for just this reason. It’s completely free and super easy to implement.

When you sign up, I will be emailing you once a day with a new challenge for you to try that day.

We will go over realistic and manageable ways to:

  • Give you some much needed “me” time
  • Make household chores easy to conquer
  • Get out of the door without being a complete wreck
  • Turn your everyday life into a smoother, more predictable rhythm
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I have made these very same changes to my own life and have seen a huge difference in my home, family, and mental health.

My husband also regularly comments about how he as well appreciates having a home that’s not perfect but one where he can come to and relax.

Please let me know how the 5 Day Get Back On Track Mama Challenge goes for you and other ways you use for how to get back on track.

See you soon!


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Easter Activities for Babies and Toddlers: Top Picks

Spring is getting closer and closer, yay! We can start being outside more, nature is starting to get ready for the season, and we get to celebrate Easter! One of the best parts about celebrating any season or holiday is to incorporate it into daily routines and play. This is a great way to teach our little ones about Easter and have a little fun with it too. Therefore, I put together a list of Easter activities for babies and toddlers into one post for easy reference.

The post includes my favorite Easter activities for babies and toddlers that I have found, ranging from low prep to minimal prep. Looking for a way to plan all of your at home activities for the week? Check out my Children’s Activity Planner printable here.

Get ready to have some fun!

Easter Crafts for Babies and Toddlers

Easter Printables for Babies and Toddlers

Easter Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Easter Sensory Play for Babies and Toddlers

Thanks for visiting, I hope this gives you some great family fun time together! Let me know in the comment section which activity your kids liked the most πŸ™‚

Happy Easter!

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Labor and Delivery/Postpartum · Parenting

Diaper bag essentials for a toddler and a newborn

Getting out of the house can take f-o-r-e-v-e-r with little ones. The best way to get out of the house is to be as efficient and prepared as possible. One major step? The diaper bag. Diaper bag=lifeline. So when you have two in diapers, you want to have all your basic supplies packed and ready to go. Let’s talk about all the diaper bag essentials for a toddler and a newborn.

By the way, if you also are preparing to have two under two, check out my post on what to expect here.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

You don’t need to go out and buy an extra diaper bag

Now maybe some of you laughed at that but I sincerely considered that possibility when I was pregnant with our second child.

I mean, so much stuff is needed for just one kid in diapers, I would need another bag right?


A lot of the diaper bag essentials for a toddler and a newborn will be shared so you aren’t going to be adding too much.

Besides, you’re going to look really goofy chasing kids at the park with two bags on you. πŸ™‚

Save your money and use the diaper bag you have

This tip would have come in handy about 18 months ago. I spent hours looking on the internet for an “extra-large” diaper bag that didn’t cost at least $100.

I couldn’t find one nor did I need it. The only reason I would suggest for you to buy a different bag is if you don’t already have a backpack style diaper bag.

When you have two in diapers, you need all the free hands you can get!

This is the closest style of bag I found that I have used for both of my children at the same time. The price range is about $30 and has served me well. There is still a good amount of space even with two sets of diapers and clothes inside.

Plus, it’s leopard-you’re welcome.

Make it part of your routine to check and restock your diaper bag

Sometimes Ol’ Reliable (aka your diaper bag) becomes a black hole for whatever storage is needed on the go.

I seriously feel like Mary Poppins pulling stuff out of the bottom of my diaper bag sometimes!

Try to get into a rhythm of once a month, once a season, or whatever frequency works for you, to check and reorganize your diaper bag.

For me, anytime my children are growing into a new size of diaper or clothing is a good reminder to double check that I have the right sizes in my bag.

Here’s my list of diaper bag essentials for a toddler and a newborn:

  • Toddler sized diapers (1-2 diapers for every 2 hours)
  • Baby sized diapers (1-2 diapers for every 2 hours)
  • Change of clothes for both toddler and baby
  • Wipes
  • Boogie wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Diaper cream
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Disposable bibs
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tide-To-Go pen
  • Small toys and/or books
  • Lip balm
  • Phone charger
  • Seasonal items (hats, mittens, sunblock, etc.)
  • Burp cloth
  • Feeding supplies (bottles, nursing cover, formula)
  • Plastic bag for blowouts and/or big messes
  • Pacifier

Phew! It can seem like a lot, but chances are, you are already on a good routine if you’re getting ready to have another baby in diapers.

Of course, there’s always an adjustment period for after the baby arrives (if you would like to read about helping your toddler adjust to a newborn check out my post here).

But soon enough you will be throwing in extra sets of diapers in your diaper bag and be on your way like it’s nothing!

Let me know in the comments section below, are you planning to upgrade your diaper bag or stick with the one you have? I’d love to know!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Family Travel

Disney On Ice, Into the Magic: What to Expect

Thinking about going to see Disney on Ice: Into the Magic? Do you already have tickets but want to know what to expect? My husband and I recently took our two little ones to go see the show and highly recommend it!

The show was super entertaining, and the skaters were excellent. It was a high-quality production but most importantly, we all had so much FUN!

We don’t live near the theme parks or even have a Disney store in our state, so whenever we can get some “Disney magic” at home, I’m in!

If you are planning a Disney vacation coming up and need some tips on going with little ones during COVID, check out my post here.

In the meantime, let’s get ready to go see Disney on Ice: Into the Magic! To check if the tour is coming to a city near you, check out their website here.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

How long is Disney on Ice: Into the Magic?

The performance is approximately two hours, including intermission. Definitely take that into consideration for what time of day you attend the show. There was a LOT of tired kiddos leaving the performance.

For our arena, the gates opened up 1 hour before the show. This actually doesn’t leave a ton of time to get in the gate, find your seats, concessions, diaper and potty time before it begins so be prepared for that!

The show features a lot of very popular characters that your children will love. The movies that are featured are Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Coco, Cinderella, Moana, and Frozen.

You do get to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald, but they are only featured at the beginning and the end of the performance.

The two segments that feature the most songs and the most characters are from Moana and Frozen.

From Moana you will see Moana, Maui, the grandmother, and the crab.

The Frozen segment has Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Prince Hans.

It was so much fun to see lots of beloved characters acting out very popular songs from the movies. There was a lot of little kids dancing in the aisles and having an absolute blast.

How to dress for the show

When it comes to what to wear to Disney on Ice: Inside the Magic, you will see a really wide array of being all dressed up in costumes to not wearing anything Disney at all. So definitely wear what you would like to wear so you are comfortable and enjoy yourself!

The cutoff age for wearing a legitimate costume is 14 years old. I thought about dressing our kids up in costumes but decided not to simply because of diaper changes.

Regardless if your child wears a costume or not, I would definitely dress them in layers. The arena will be a little colder for the ice rink but it’s not going to be frigid.

For us, we were perfectly fine with a sweatshirt on but we are also from Wisconsin and it’s the middle of winter! Depending on the climate you live in you may want to add an extra layer if needed.

My “mom outfit” for the show

I wanted to be cute, comfortable, with a hint of pixie dust πŸ™‚

My outfit included leggings (duh), cute Mickey earrings, a shirt I wore for Disney, and Minnie ears.

Buy souvenirs ahead of time

We all know that Disney=$$$ and souvenirs at the ice show are no exception. To me, short of wanting a specific Disney on Ice merchandise (which there isn’t a lot of), the toy souvenirs are way overpriced and less appealing than what you find in most stores.

My advice? Buy something before arriving to the show and have it ready to go.

What was really fun was seeing all the different light up wands and spinners during the show. You never know, your child may be so into the show that they really don’t look twice at their light up toys (which is why you don’t want to spend a chunk of money).

The one special thing I splurged on was getting ice cones and popcorn buckets that featured characters and were also souvenirs.

But they are expensive. To get two ice cones and a popcorn bucket was seriously about $65.00. Yikes. If you have been to a Disney theme park, you probably are nodding your head in agreement that snacks like those are fun but add up quick.

Be familiar with arena’s accessibility ahead of time

Now this one is completely dependent upon where the show you are attending is being held.

For our arena, strollers were not allowed so take that into consideration. I saw a lot of families that had babies use a baby carrier which is always a good idea.

If you are breastfeeding and prefer privacy, make sure to find out if there are any nursing rooms provided. Last year when I took our then 6-month-old baby, the arena didn’t have any rooms like that. But I did ask a staff member present and they offered a private space for me. So don’t be afraid to ask!

Lastly, always triple check the arena’s COVID/mask policy. While this is our “new normal” it is helpful to know in advance the policy especially if you are travelling to see the performance.

I hope this gives you ways to prepare to go see Disney on Ice: Into the Magic. Let me know in the comment section below if you have tickets to see the performance, or if you have already seen it!

Enjoy the show!

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How to help your baby sleep with a cold

Nothing tugs at your heart more than seeing your baby sick. They’re miserable, and more likely than not YOU are sick too, and you both just desperately need a good night’s sleep. Any cold/flu over the counter medicines are generally off limits for their little bodies. Let’s discuss other ways on how to help your baby sleep with a cold, so everyone can get back on track.

Remember, these are at home remedies, and doesn’t replace medical advice. When in doubt, call your child’s pediatrician for guidance.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Crib mattress wedge for elevation

The safest way to put your baby down to sleep is on their back. But when a baby has a cold, laying completely flat seems to make them more uncomfortable.

The wedge safely props up their head just a bit so they can breathe easier. This wedge is placed under the mattress, not their head.

I personally was too nervous to put this in when my babies were newborns and didn’t have any rolling skills but that’s just me. If you feel uneasy too, try folding up some beach towels instead and place them under the mattress until you feel more comfortable about using the wedge.

I couldn’t find the exact one I used on Amazon, but I still wanted to provide a link so you could have a reference to this type of product.

Chest rub that’s safe for their gentle skin

Something about putting on Vick’s when I’m sick always makes me more comfortable. But I worried about if the ingredients might be a little too strong for a baby’s sensitive skin.

This is very gentle, and I have yet to find irritation on my children’s skin when I put it on.

The scent isn’t overpowering at all but is still very effective. Rub on their chest, neck, and feet (yes, really!) to help make your baby comfortable.

Bath bombs to help with congestion

Baths are always great with the warmth and the steam to help loosen up stuffy noses and help soothe achy muscles.

But once again, most adult bath products are too harsh for little baby skin.

I love throwing one of these in at bath time. Once again the scent isn’t overpowering but still makes it a little easier to breathe.

Humidifier for comfortable sleeping

I actually use humidifiers year-round for sleeping but especially in the cold, dry winters.

By keeping moisture in the air, it can help your baby sleep with a cold much easier and can help suppress coughing and a sore dry throat in the morning.

I switched over our humidifiers to these and have been very impressed so far. They don’t have filters so you don’t have to worry about replacing anything. The humidifiers are large capacity so I can put on one in the nursery for full blast at night and get a few days out of it before I need to refill.

For the MOST part it is self cleaning but I do regularly wipe it down to keep it in good condition.

The self cleaning function was the selling point for me. Humidifiers can get NASTY and all you are doing is blasting mildew and germs in the air. Yuck.

Sore throat lollipops for your older toddler

This one you definitely need to make the judgment call on your comfort level, but it is still nice to know that this product is an option.

Once again, you are still limited on options to help your baby sleep with a cold (even if that baby is now a toddler). It can be very hard to find something to help with a sore, dry throat that isn’t either super sugary or like drinking cod liver oil.

Being an organic product isn’t a necessity for me but it always a plus. It is safe for a lot of food allergy sensitivities.

I used a few myself when I had a sore throat. They are effective, and seriously taste so good.

Boogie wipes for cleaning up dry, irritated little noses

Trying to capture a toddler to wipe their nose is like trying to herd cats. Am I right?? πŸ™‚

Though you still have to probably put on your running shoes to do it, boogie wipes make the nose wiping a little less miserable for both of you.

These are great for little noses that are dry and crusty. Plus if their skin is raw, a dry regular tissue is only going to make matters worse.

The wipes do come in a grape scent as well, but I do recommend getting unscented whenever possible. They have less chemicals and perfumes which is much gentler on your baby’s skin.

Nose sucker for the littlest noses

Aww….those cute little button noses.

Not so cute? When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose and tissues don’t help one bit.

I was (and still kinda am) grossed out with the concept, but hey if it helps your baby sleep with a cold then bring it on!

This is great for especially when your baby is a newborn. Definitely use the saline drops in their nose before sucking anything out to help loosen any gunk.

Typically, hospitals give bulb syringes for parents to take home if they like. While they are effective, they also can harbor a lot of bacteria even after being cleaned.

With the nose sucker, the tubes are clear and come with replaceable filters for cleanliness.

There you have it! These are my best ways to help your baby sleep with a cold. If the baby can breathe comfortably, generally they can sleep comfortably too. I have used these products time and time again (even as recent as last night) and I hope you find them helpful too.

Remember, that at the end of the day these products are just that-products.

Sometimes, your baby needs something that no money can buy-YOU!

I’ve been there too. Even when you do the best you can to help your baby sleep with a cold, they will need an extra dose of your comfort and love.

When you’re sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night, or driving them around town just so they fall asleep, take it in.

The days are long, but the years are short.

How about you? Do you have any tips or any struggles on how to help your baby sleep with a cold? Comment below! πŸ™‚

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