How to help your baby sleep with a cold

Nothing tugs at your heart more than seeing your baby sick. They’re miserable, and more likely than not YOU are sick too, and you both just desperately need a good night’s sleep. Any cold/flu over the counter medicines are generally off limits for their little bodies. Let’s discuss other ways on how to help your baby sleep with a cold, so everyone can get back on track.

Remember, these are at home remedies, and doesn’t replace medical advice. When in doubt, call your child’s pediatrician for guidance.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Crib mattress wedge for elevation

The safest way to put your baby down to sleep is on their back. But when a baby has a cold, laying completely flat seems to make them more uncomfortable.

The wedge safely props up their head just a bit so they can breathe easier. This wedge is placed under the mattress, not their head.

I personally was too nervous to put this in when my babies were newborns and didn’t have any rolling skills but that’s just me. If you feel uneasy too, try folding up some beach towels instead and place them under the mattress until you feel more comfortable about using the wedge.

I couldn’t find the exact one I used on Amazon, but I still wanted to provide a link so you could have a reference to this type of product.

Chest rub that’s safe for their gentle skin

Something about putting on Vick’s when I’m sick always makes me more comfortable. But I worried about if the ingredients might be a little too strong for a baby’s sensitive skin.

This is very gentle, and I have yet to find irritation on my children’s skin when I put it on.

The scent isn’t overpowering at all but is still very effective. Rub on their chest, neck, and feet (yes, really!) to help make your baby comfortable.

Bath bombs to help with congestion

Baths are always great with the warmth and the steam to help loosen up stuffy noses and help soothe achy muscles.

But once again, most adult bath products are too harsh for little baby skin.

I love throwing one of these in at bath time. Once again the scent isn’t overpowering but still makes it a little easier to breathe.

Humidifier for comfortable sleeping

I actually use humidifiers year-round for sleeping but especially in the cold, dry winters.

By keeping moisture in the air, it can help your baby sleep with a cold much easier and can help suppress coughing and a sore dry throat in the morning.

I switched over our humidifiers to these and have been very impressed so far. They don’t have filters so you don’t have to worry about replacing anything. The humidifiers are large capacity so I can put on one in the nursery for full blast at night and get a few days out of it before I need to refill.

For the MOST part it is self cleaning but I do regularly wipe it down to keep it in good condition.

The self cleaning function was the selling point for me. Humidifiers can get NASTY and all you are doing is blasting mildew and germs in the air. Yuck.

Sore throat lollipops for your older toddler

This one you definitely need to make the judgment call on your comfort level, but it is still nice to know that this product is an option.

Once again, you are still limited on options to help your baby sleep with a cold (even if that baby is now a toddler). It can be very hard to find something to help with a sore, dry throat that isn’t either super sugary or like drinking cod liver oil.

Being an organic product isn’t a necessity for me but it always a plus. It is safe for a lot of food allergy sensitivities.

I used a few myself when I had a sore throat. They are effective, and seriously taste so good.

Boogie wipes for cleaning up dry, irritated little noses

Trying to capture a toddler to wipe their nose is like trying to herd cats. Am I right?? 🙂

Though you still have to probably put on your running shoes to do it, boogie wipes make the nose wiping a little less miserable for both of you.

These are great for little noses that are dry and crusty. Plus if their skin is raw, a dry regular tissue is only going to make matters worse.

The wipes do come in a grape scent as well, but I do recommend getting unscented whenever possible. They have less chemicals and perfumes which is much gentler on your baby’s skin.

Nose sucker for the littlest noses

Aww….those cute little button noses.

Not so cute? When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose and tissues don’t help one bit.

I was (and still kinda am) grossed out with the concept, but hey if it helps your baby sleep with a cold then bring it on!

This is great for especially when your baby is a newborn. Definitely use the saline drops in their nose before sucking anything out to help loosen any gunk.

Typically, hospitals give bulb syringes for parents to take home if they like. While they are effective, they also can harbor a lot of bacteria even after being cleaned.

With the nose sucker, the tubes are clear and come with replaceable filters for cleanliness.

There you have it! These are my best ways to help your baby sleep with a cold. If the baby can breathe comfortably, generally they can sleep comfortably too. I have used these products time and time again (even as recent as last night) and I hope you find them helpful too.

Remember, that at the end of the day these products are just that-products.

Sometimes, your baby needs something that no money can buy-YOU!

I’ve been there too. Even when you do the best you can to help your baby sleep with a cold, they will need an extra dose of your comfort and love.

When you’re sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night, or driving them around town just so they fall asleep, take it in.

The days are long, but the years are short.

How about you? Do you have any tips or any struggles on how to help your baby sleep with a cold? Comment below! 🙂

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