Baby Nursery Checklist Printable

As you get ready for your baby to be born and come home, you have a ton of things on your mind. One of the biggest preparations you will do is to get the baby nursery ready.

Even if they will be sharing a room with you or with a sibling, the baby’s section of the room needs to be setup as a nursery.

For me, nesting kicked in BIG time when it came to nursery prep. I wanted our baby nursery to be just Pinterest perfect to bring home our first child.

But I made one rookie mistake with getting the nursery ready……

I didn’t get a baby nursery checklist!

This is something I still regret not doing! You may be wondering what the big deal is in that, I give you two words:

Pregnancy. Brain.

Fast forward to bringing our first baby home, you want to know what was missing from our baby nursery?

Socks! How could I not have socks for my sweet baby boy??? Argghhh!

I’m going to help you get your baby nursery ready with a FREE checklist printable

By having a checklist, you can go through and evaluate what you need to get or what is ready to go.

Chances are you have already done the fun part of decorating the baby nursery, but we need to get down to the nitty-gritty practical stuff here.

I would recommend going through the checklist before a baby shower happens and after as well. When you go through items before the shower then you can see if you have anything that needs to get added to your registry.

After the baby shower is when you can really focus on what truly needed to be purchased or set up before the baby arrives or what could wait.

This checklist is MINIMAL for a reason!

Having a baby is wonderful, but also expensive! The last thing you need is a huge list full of items that you probably really won’t need, honestly.

Your baby doesn’t need a ton of stuff, they just need YOU!

If you are in the stage of creating a baby registry and would like to check out the small list of items I would make sure to get, read that article here.

But otherwise, this checklist is going to give you the essentials needed for your baby nursery.

You know why? Because I don’t want you to have to spend any unnecessary money and add unneeded stress about things that you probably won’t use at all!

I hope you find this baby nursery checklist as a sigh of relief in your preparations. Your baby will love you automatically, and if you focus on what matters most, everything else will fall into place.

Happy Nesting, Mama!

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