How To Keep Up With The “Mommy Vloggers”

I am borderline addicted to watching YouTube videos, aren’t you? Especially “Mommy Vloggers”, they really are the best! I get so much cleaning, cooking, decorating, and fashion ideas from them.

BUT…..I end up comparing myself, and my home to these ladies. Usually I give myself the short end of the stick with the comparison game. Leaving me feeling inadequate, discouraged, and just overall down on myself-not good at all.

So here’s a few tips that I use myself when I start feeling that way:

  1. Give yourself (and them!) some much needed grace. Remember, that these ladies and their crew have to edit content into a timely video that is still entertaining. Sometimes all day cleaning turns into an all week cleaning for me! You can only do what your day allows you to do.
  2. Break up your projects into much smaller (almost macro sized) time slots. I am currently on a much needed decluttering of my house. If I waited until I had a whole day or afternoon to do it, the kids would be in high school by then! For me, all I can do is find just ONE item a day from each room (kids’ rooms, closets, etc.) to either toss or donate. It is amazing how quickly my donate box is filled up!
  3. Do projects based off of YOUR budget; not theirs! Do you have $500 to drop on organizers at the container store? If you do great, but I don’t and that’s okay too! Maybe all you can squeeze out of your budget is a $10 drawer organizer to FINALLY conquer that junk drawer of yours. Sure, it’s not as satisfying as having the whole house organized but it can bring so much peace to know you have one more place that is neat and tidy.
  4. Remember to be thankful for what you all have. I know that sometimes we underestimate this but it’s so necessary. It’s hard to not envy a person who seems to always be put together, the house is gorgeous, and they have all the best things, but this life is only temporary. Fashion and style changes; if you have a safe place to sleep at night and food to eat then we should consider ourselves blessed!
  5. Maybe take a “break” from watching vloggers!? If you don’t have regular cable like me, this cuts out a lot of entertainment, so this is a tough one! But sometimes it might just be best to take a break from having your eyes on the screen long enough to be able to truly look at your surroundings. This may be true if you are in a difficult season of your life; do what’s best for you at this time. You can always go back to watching the videos that you love with eyes and heart in a balanced spot!

What’s your favorite way to clean and take care of your home? All at once or little by little? Please share!

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