Two Under Two: 1 Month Update

We did it….we survived our first month with a newborn and a toddler. I knew it was going to be challenging and exhausting but you just never know for sure until you hit the ground running.

I was nervous for months and shed tears with concern of how my son (my first baby) will react to my daughter. Will he hate her? Will he think I don’t love him anymore? Just how the heck do I prepare essentially an older baby for a younger baby?

I am so happy and grateful to report that my son is an amazing big brother. He is always giving her kisses and hugs, it’s seriously so sweet it will make you cry. I am not sure if it’s because he’s so little himself and/or his personality is why it’s working or what. But we definitely try to include him in as much of taking care of her as possible. A downside of him being so little is he isn’t fully aware of everything spatially so he tries to sit next to her and almost ends up sitting on her. Yikes. I’m definitely more on guard then ever before!

So am I exhausted? Oh yeah. Stressed? You betcha. Do we have a messier house? Yes like never before! But I also am trying to enjoy all the chaos, meltdowns, crying along with the smiles, hugs, and fun. Why? Because I know that this is a super special time in our lives with our babies. Soon enough they will be wanting to live their own lives; mommy and daddy will be the farthest thing from cool. But for now I get to sit and rock them to sleep, hold their hands and change their diapers. So many diapers….

If you are in the trenches of parenthood with me, take a moment to soak it all up through your baggy eyes and dark circles. Because one day we are going to wish we could go back in time to this very moment. -Kathy

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